It’s heard you sing Amazing Grace in a most amazing key. (Cougars can hit similar notes.) Knows about this thing you have for Matt Damon. Follows your expenses better than the IRS ever will. And understands that on a mild spring day you are this close [    ] to shucking it all and moving to a cabin in the woods.

It’s mug shots of the family you call friends, the rock star you pretend to be when you’re in the shower, the love letters you haven’t sent yet, the hunger that howls at 3 AM, the eyes of that stranger on the metro, the names of the kids you haven’t had yet.

Nobody’s ever seen a soul.

Is it electrons or something? Does it age? Can you plug it into a USB port? Why not?

Whatever makes your soul sing, chances are you can store it on SanDisk flash memory.

Your secrets are safe with us.

Or if you want to share your songs, photos, videos or personal data, consider our USB flash drives. Plug one into a USB port and—quick as a flash—you can transfer those soulful megabytes to any compatible PC or digital device on earth.

Or beyond.