Stolen by middle management more than any other IT publication.

So how do you transform 147,000 subscribers into more than 909,700 readers? Into almost a million IT leaders hanging on your every word?
            With killer editorial. With content so good that people will do almost anything to get it. In some cases, even pinch it (egads!) from the mail room.
            Not that we condone such activity, mind you. Still, we can understand someone’s being frantic to see our Annual Salary Review. Our rigorous analyses of industry trends. The tips on dealing with pushy vendors. Perhaps it was an article on climbing the IT ladder that lead some middle manager astray.
            We can’t say for sure. But if you advertised in CW, think what it would mean. The first time, since time began, that anyone ever stole an ad! For your place in history, call 1-800-343-6474 today.