Our readers love to jump in. (Especially when there are signs of life after our columnists are done.)

When you spend all day putting out fires—as our readers do—you don’t need some IT pub blowing smoke up your shorts. You need timely news, informed opinions, and columnists so fearless (or irate) that they’ll take on anybody.
            And that, in a nutshell, is what IT leaders get from Computerworld. Along with tough-minded analyses. Incisive case histories. And feisty editorials. Their issues, in their words. In fact, we quote IT leaders and analysts three times more often than our not-so-nearest competitor.
            In return, almost a million readers join us each week. Quote us. Give us great story leads. Write letters that would do Joe Louis proud. And spend almost an hour an issue with us. So we hear, they even read the ads.
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