Where seldom is heard an encouraging word.

Given the speed at which Information Technology morphs, our readers have no time to waste. Not for them the gilded lily or the feel-good phrase.

IT leaders want timely news. Solid reporting. Rigorous analyses of industry trends. And straight talk. Which is what they get from us.

When industry biggies are deaf to user concerns, we turn up the volume. If somebody blows smoke, we blow the whistle.

This bare-knuckled approach to the news does not always win us friends. But it sure does make for loyal readers. Who swear by CW and pass it along to 5.4 more readers (the .4 must be someone who reads only the ads).

In short, each issue reaches nearly a million influential people who are listening closely—truly, an advertiser’s heaven. Where the readers have clout and your ad can stand out. And the skies are not cloudy all day.